Mother of Beasts by yut

Mother of Beasts


24 June 2015 at 15:31:08 MDT

A tremendous piece that I had the pleasure of watching take shape, this is art by Skulldog Skulldog

There's tales spread throughout villages in the countryside, of a monster that roams, that preys on the young and the weak, some don't believe, and some do. Some use it as a folk tale to scare their children into behaving properly. "Or else, the beastmother will come and eat you up!" They'd say.

*Some people say that she doesn't breed, but yet her pack always grows. Wild eyed hunters, trappers, that claim they've seen her, and that she never eats her prey, she just turns them wild and feral. No longer boys and girls, but beasts, just like her. She always takes them, and changes them. *

*Tonight is the night. She's been watching the house since the last moon. How they treat the girl, like a poorly trained animal. Cruel, wicked parents. If they treat her like a beast, then so she shall be. *

The house is close to the edge of the forest, apart from the rest of the village. Even with the moon full and high, let them come. She will take another, and her pack will grow. The girl will be raised, proud and strong, wild and free. Like all those that have come before her.


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    Lovely piece of mythology, good choice of skulldog to illustrate it.

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    if this were real I'd behave soooooooooooo bad. TAKE ME!