labyrinth jareth the goblin king anime style by yunai-ninjatiger

labyrinth jareth the goblin king anime style


13 May 2016 at 18:34:19 MDT

:3 hey there fellas just thought I post labyrinth fanart of Jareth

yeah hehe i love Jareth the goblin king hehe guilty as charged here of admitting i like the character in the movie and David bowie did a good job for the role and portraying him and hey David bowie is a handsome man who lived a good life :< rip David bowie ur talent will be missed yeah little I'm late for that but i guess this be my piece in honor of his wonderful works/talents in away and hey who wouldn't love Jareth his lady's man,charmer to us girls ;3 yeah i do love Jareth/oc pics there needs to be more of that for him cuz i think Jareth/oc is possible if done right and only if it makes sense and make it reasonable in the story of how they be together there needs to more of those cuz i think he deserves someone since i tend to ship him with a oc of main i did made for him but its on my other account in different art site cuz i think he deserves someone cuz I'm pretty sure he'd move on from Sarah and discover someone new that catch his interest in some ways in my opinion and what i think is possible of him moving on

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this drawn by me (C) yunai-ninjatiger:

(C) Jareth the goblin king belongs to labyrinth by Jim Henson

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