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PKMN-Snazzy Gallade twins by YourFriendlyVirus

PKMN-Snazzy Gallade twins


(YES, I AM AWARE GALLADES ARE A MALE-ONLY SPECIES. I made a female because fuck the police )

Meet Carlos and Carla Montegno, the closest bro-sis team you'll ever meet. Not your average twin siblings, these two work in an absolutely perfect tandem, due to their subconscious bond (which was strengthened by their Psychic type nature), always coming up with plans together and executing them perfectly. They successfully run their telecommunications company started from early age, currently swimming in millions and living a bitchin' good life. When it comes to love life, Carla is the one more likely to settle with one dude (when she finds the RIGHT ONE!), while Carlos is sort of a ladies-man; not staying in one place, but he so far keeps it cool with all the ladies he has met.

And a reason why Carla is a Gallade instead of Gardevoir? She had such strong bond with her twin brother that, when he evolved from Kirlia into a Gallade, she evolved as well, but due to some hijinks involving their twin-siblings-bond and psychic link, she wound up getting the Gallade traits. So there you have it!

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    Are they male only? I thought, like gardevoir, they can be male or female. Its just a matter of getting a dawn stone to kirlia.