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Keiko Tachibana; the whirlwind yokai by YourFriendlyVirus

Keiko Tachibana; the whirlwind yokai


Since I am on vacation from work I decided to finish a concept for a non-Pokemon version of my character, Keiko. As I wanted to stick to her Japanese roots and weasel type, I opted for the mythological "kamaitachi" (sickle weasel).

An 800-year old kamaitachi, Keiko was once a villainous spirit, spreading terror across ancient Japan along with her yokai clan. However, at some point, something inside her began to change and eventually she fell in love with a kind young mortal named Takeru Tachibana. She abandoned her evil ways and devoted herself fully to him, and two lovers spent quite some time in peace and harmony. However, her former clan was not thrilled at all about this development. Refusing to believe that a yokai could ever embrace love, let alone fall in love with a mortal, they believed she was placed under some kind of spell by her lover, that could only be broken if he were to die. Finally seeing a window of opportunity, the clan stormed the couple's home and killed Takeru, just as Keiko returned home. In a fit of grieving rage, Keiko promptly butchered her former clan members, before cradling Takeru's lifeless body, weeping and begging him to come back to her.

Having lost her lover, Keiko set out into the world, travelling around for centuries while returning to her homeland every 50 years to visit Takeru's grave. She also took up his last name, to honor his memory.

In contrast to her wicked, sadistic past self, present-day Keiko is a very warm, friendly and kind spirit, occasionally using her powers to do good....but mostly to cause some harmless mischief. If there is a person she really likes, she will never stop pulling some practical jokes on them or making teasing, flirtatious comments and advances. However, even when she gets involved with someone, she refuses to engage in a serious relationship. While she loves everyone, her one true love has always been, and always shall be the late Takeru Tachibana.

Her outfit's sleeves serve as a magic storage space where she keeps most of her items, like her favorite pipe and her signature weapons, a pair of sickles. She occasionally uses her scarf as a whip, or in combination with her sickles for extra range. Her calabash flask is a magical item which can produce any kind of beverage; for the times when she wants to drink with some company it produces normal sake or any other kind of alcoholic beverage. When she drinks on her own it produces a special, super strong kind of sake that can be consumed only by yokais. If any mortal were to take just a swig of it, they'd collapse completely drunk and unconscious. Attempts to drink any larger quantity are fatal.

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