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Journey to the Center of the Sea Dragon by Youkai-Chan

Journey to the Center of the Sea Dragon


[Original Upload Date: May 6, 2013]

[ You are trapped in the tight grip of an anthro sea dragon’s hand. As you try to pull yourself out, he inspects you before grinning evilly. As you notice how his tongue is dragging against his lips and teeth, you start to worry about what he’s thinking… ]

[ Your worries came true as the blue-scaled creature brings you closer to his face while opening his mouth. His humid stale breath blows over your face and thick ropes of drool cling onto the inside of his mouth. And those teeth…you panic at the thought of getting TOO close to them! ]

[ The dragon tosses you into his mouth and begins rolling you around to taste you. You try to grab on to the metallic piercing on his tongue, but the slippery muscle coats you in a thick layer of the clear slime and makes it too hard for you to grab on. To add insult to injury, a soft hum from the back of his throat indicates that this scaled giant LIKES your flavor! ]

[ With a swift and powerful gulp, you are pulled into the crushing grip of his throat. The rubbery walls squeeze you tightly as the muffled noises of his inner workings rumble around you; his heart beating, his breathing, and worse, a low gurgling below you… ]

[ You are finally dropped into the dragon’s hot stomach, landing in a small pool of acids with a splash. The skeletons of a few goldfish he ate earlier leave you with a grim reminder of what will no doubt happen to you if you don’t find a way out of here soon! But as the low gurgles and groans echo in this fleshy prison, you wonder if your time has already run out... ]

More Alek! This time this is a POV vore thing. Not too happy with the first panel but I'm pleased with the rest!
I don't do comics like these very often because they tend to wear me out, heh.


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