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I just like to sit in my corner.

((I'm terrible at replying to watches/favs because it sounds repetitive and insincere but I really do appreciate it THANKS.))

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Back From ANE

I wasn't particularly vocal about it, but I was at Anthro New England last weekend. It was my first furry con and my first time dealing, so it was a really neat experience overall. Everything went smoothly and the con staff did an amazing job with it and I definitely plan on going back next year.

I didn't have much time to explore since I spent basically the entire weekend at my table working, but I met some really swanky people who stopped by, and it was neat to see a lot of artists whose work I'm familiar with there. I was even seated next to skulldog, I just hope I wasn't too obvious when I snuck peaks at the things she was working on, ops.

The best part, though, is I dragged along my husband who has a lot of negative connotations about furries without really explaining where I was taking him. I have no idea if it changed any of his views but he behaved (after his initial confusion) and had a good weekend overall. Just another step towards eventually getting a fursuit without traumatizing him too badly, I guess.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot, and I plan on making my way to more cons this year if I can.

Anyway, enough rambling. We're finally home after getting stuck up north an extra day and I'll be cleaning up my galleries and getting in touch with commissioners I haven't emailed yet today.

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    How had I not seen your art already??? You're so brilliant. ;u;

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    thanks for follow!

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    I just had a dream last night with you in it suiting as Pennington, running around with foxes near my friend's house (you were visiting someone else it seems, I don't know). And I spazzed when I saw you, I was like, "COOOOME HERE GREM2!"

    And you did, and then you asked me if I was married (I'm was laughing pretty badly about that, weeeiirdd).

    We chatted about meeting up again and I got excited, I did not realize it was a dream. qq

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      I don't even know how to respond to this. I kind of want to just frame this on my wall because this is basically the best dream ever to be dreamt I think? Also a little jealous you had Pennington in your dream (even if it was a costume lol). All I can take from this is that I now believe you subconsciously want to marry Pennington (a normal reaction to royalty FYI) and that I legit need to make that suit omg. Fate has spoken.

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        I dream about the most random of people. PEOPLE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY LOOK LIKE BUT I STILL MAKE AN IMAGE OF.
        Ahh... I understand your jealousy, I've never had a dream with my own characters.




        And yes, you must make this a reality.


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          YOU ARE BEING ASSIMULATED. Don't talk to me about how late this comment is.

          (It'll have to wait until next year I'm super busy until January but I will do this thing and become very popufur yes.)

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            'Nags about your late reply while replying 1000 years later.' GOSH YOKO GET YOUR SHIZ TOGETHER

            (I'll be waiting and making sure this shiz goes down. And then I can be like... Yeah, I knew that kid before fame got to their head, poor chap.)

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    Oh gosh thank you for the follow!