Roho Mwitu MSE - Cant Let Go by Yoki

Roho Mwitu MSE - Cant Let Go


8 September 2019 at 13:14:58 MDT

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Kaseko pulled back as the human stirred but was given no time to react to the lion. The human stared dumbfounded as Kaseko had already turned and began running for the shadows, slipping back into the underbrush he had come from. Just as soon as he had been there he was gone.

Time passed ever so slowly for the golden lioness, Muva. She watched the encampment from the safety of Jioni’s boarders and was determined to go no further. Her grandson though, he was out there, somewhere among the strange two legged creatures and the felines among them. She worried deeply as the hour grew late and night began to give into day. It was only as the sun rose that she took notice of Kaseko on the horizon, his paws swiftly carrying him home. He had made it.

“Kassy!” His grandmother ran to greet him and pressed her face into her grandsons mane as he entered the boarders of Jioni. She sighed with relief to finally have her grandson back in the safety of the pride but he seemed off. Kaseko passed his grandmother with a lowly bowed head pity and sorrow filling his eyes as he spoke. “They are prisoners...”

Muva stood in silence. “Those things they are keeping the others in traps. One even called that thing home.” Kaseko continued feeling sick to his stomach. He Turned to face Muva, “I’m going back.”

“Go back?” Muva said in disbelief as she stared ahead to the encampments. She seemed to freeze up, not an inch of her body seemed to move. Kaseko was sure what he had said hallowed her to the core. “I can’t just leave them.” He stated looking away from her. His resolve was strong. He had to free the others.

Kaseko has seen the cages.
He knows deep within he can not allow himself to leave them to rot.

His Grandmother is concerned, but will not stop him.

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