[P] FH Preset - Inara by Yoki

[P] FH Preset - Inara


15 January 2019 at 23:11:47 MST

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Textures made for the game Feral Heart Of my character Inara
preset made by me
Fur texture by AquaChocobo

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    Not a fan of FH, but I must say this is really pretty!

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      Thank you, I am quiet proud of how she came out.

      Honestly, I'm loosing interest in the game.

      I have a mix of bad experiences and it can feel a bit clique based.

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        Yeah, it's been really hard to find groups. There always seemed to be a lot of hype around it? But when I joined I thought there would be more to do aside from RP.
        If you're looking for a little more to do, I'd suggest Cereal Soup. You might just want to follow it's development though, so far it's looking great but it's really laggy and needs a bit of cleaning up. It's free and has a lot more content than Feral Heart, while still remaining similar.

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          It's something to look into.
          I keep fading in an out of the FH and IT server scene.

          Growing more interest in my other hobbies XD