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Blergh. Art and computer.

on 17 February 2014 at 09:13:05 MST

My computer still shits itself when I draw. so It can either freeze, go black screen. or I can draw but never edit anything. witch is very frustrating and makes me not want to draw. but at the same time I want to finish pictures. But I'm not able to stand it when I have to restart this old computer like probably a 1000 times before a picture get finished. bleh. It's so weird though.. I can play world of warcraft and it runs fine (until I have to turn it off and it takes it 15 minutes to do so).. But drawing. Nooooooooo. :( I feel like a potato. I can't do shit.

I feel tired almost all day. I have been at :devfloetepus:'s house for like.. a week. and it was alright. at the last days my sleeping scedule almost got fixed. Exept from that im still "out of energy" And almost die of tiredness when I first got tired xD But yeah. I am now back to granny's. And I sleep more hours during the night+sleeping during the day. Doctor said I had to little B-vitamins(for eating the same food over and over) and D-vitamins(that you get from the sun/fish). And that's why I sleep almost all the time.

So, basically I'm saying that I have trouble drawing atm. Both for that my computer is shitting, and that i'm tired almost 24/7. I feel very unproductive. but it's kinda hard to force yourself to be awake when you're not even able to think when you're tired. But yeah.. I will.. have to find a way to save up for a new computer. DRAWING to get money for a new computer seems silly when I can't even draw on this thing. But i'm still alive. and I really want to make you guys another speedpaint. It's to much trouble atm.

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    (I cant reply to comments for some reason -.-)
    Well, I am following ya, now, because your art is just O.M.G gorgeous!

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    Aughhhhh OMG Yechii, you're here, ermagerd! I stalked you on dA, but I didn't want to join dA.

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      I'm here yeah. just not AS active here.. but I working slowly on it xD

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    You gave me an idea for a banner... lol

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    Thank you so much for the follow! I really appreciate it :3

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