[Patreon Bullshit]: The Survivors by Yawg

[Patreon Bullshit]: The Survivors


2 August 2017 at 13:43:00 MDT

Hey look, Yawg has a Patreon!
(This may contain some LoJR spoilers, so beware if you plan on reading ahead!)

I meant to post this way the hell back in June, but somehow, I managed to miss posting this one- probably because I figured putting Patreon stuff in individual folders by subject would make it easier to keep track of: spoiler alert: it did not.

ANYWAY Sanctuary's gotta be populated by SOMEONE. And these particular someone's are the second generation, born on Sauria after the crash of Sanctuary. (There are more species of survivors than this, but these four represent the largest percentages. ) These also aren't SPECIFIC people in LoJR- they're mostly a ref sheet of sorts, so I can remember what rabbits look like.

And yeah, of course they'll get to plowing Renamon and Jenny. Probably. Spoiler alert, I guess D:


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    ...They ain't never gettin' off, are they? Sauria, I mean.