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Lung Battle by yamigriffin

Lung Battle


Wonder if I can get this done in time for AC.....

I wouldn't turn down redlines either... esp on that hand :-/

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    Wow. That bottom lung especially... the movement in that one is great, really capturing the rather contorted flight these wingless dragons have. Also looooooove the antlers, very impressive looking.

    I dont have the resources to redline this at all, but a good reference to check for that hand might be Monitor lizards eating or fighting... since it looks like these guys have less human and more draconic/reptilian hands.

    -gleeful shreiks- just noticed the elbow feathery tassels! So cool.

    Might I suggest earthy colors for the bottom one and firey colors for the top? Might just be all the driving theough wildfire territory I have done recently but this kinda reminds me of nature's resilliance against complete annihilation by that element.

    Ffffffu... this picture is really awesome.

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      oh sash :p
      I needa play with that hand today.. and that might help but i do want there to be a thumb
      There might be more feathery bits as it goes along - needa see where they can be fit in without it looking TOO too busy
      And as for colors that might work! I'm gunna do a few color schemes and see which one ppl like more
      Stupid back of my mind is wanting to do marine fish colors but I think that might detract from something this busy

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        Tropical fishies would make for some very non-traditional looking lungs but I agree they might become too busy. Moar feather-ys would def help the fire/pheonix aspect of the top one, but I dont think the bottom one needs it. CONTRAST! Lots of it. Another idea could be sunny tropical colors for thr above one and then deep watery colors for the bottom, make a draconic sunset!

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          think I got the hand fixed, laying in shadows then I'll do a few quick color tests. Hopefully in time for Tuesday and see what ppl think