Tasting a car for the first time by Yabout

Tasting a car for the first time


23 July 2019 at 07:15:53 MDT

Never ate something iron-y so i'm gonna take one car, as long there's no one inside in it, i'm very curious on how it tastes~

Definitely my first time doing a vore piece in 3d also first time combining 2 fetishes/kinks together in a single 3d piece

Rendered in 26 minutes 1 seconds - 2560x1440 with 500 samples + Denoising

Xuna, texturing (Xuna model) and rendering © yabout yabout
Modeling (Xuna model) and rigging © kabal10
Car from Macro Pack © corvidius
Wickerbeasts © daemonlady