[2K-3D] Proto Invasion 2 by Yabout

[2K-3D] Proto Invasion 2


16 July 2019 at 05:47:28 MDT

Someone that heard these loud and rumbly earthquakes came outside to the roof to see what's happening, then they see an unusually humongous armoured robot with glowing visor, showing a face, can't tell what's their idea for coming here

Rendered in 22 minutes 52 seconds - 2560x1440 with 500 samples + Denoising

Extraction, texture enhancement, posing and rendering © yabout yabout
Protogen model and textures © leymi
City © Someone on 3Dwarehouse for Sketchup
Improvements for the city © sos101
Protogens © malice-risu