[2K-3D] Proto Invasion 1 by Yabout

[2K-3D] Proto Invasion 1


16 July 2019 at 05:45:25 MDT

Came from space, randomly finding this planet called Earth colonized by humans which is unknown to their species and they sent an unit to investigate if there's life in this world, then walking for some time found a city, quite small for their species, gently and carefully walking across buildings and skyscraper to look without breaking anything and a few seconds later spots ya on a roof looking at him and somewhat they said something, like in an inhuman language, sort of beeps

Rendered in 21 minutes 7 seconds - 2560x1440 with 500 samples + Denoising
Extraction, texture enhancement, posing and rendering © yabout yabout
Protogen model and textures © leymi
City © Someone on 3Dwarehouse for Sketchup
Improvements for the city © sos101
Protogens © malice-risu