Xungooifyed hooman by Yabout

Xungooifyed hooman


28 March 2019 at 10:52:09 MDT

"Damnit! I shouldn't be entering this mysterious cave and find something like a treasure... no... there's something else... yes... i gotta be changed... submitting to the mysterious liquid... being the big blue boi, look at me, i'm becoming something blue, so much blue everywhere..."

A beautiful and shiny piece made by endingstarnight as part of an art trade
Thank you so much doing this for me! ^w^

My half:
Render 1
Render 2
Render 1 Turntable
Render 2 Turntable

Xuna © yabout yabout
Art © endingstarnight
Wickerbeasts © daemonlady