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Nature's Profit by Xypress (critique requested)

Nature's Profit (critique requested)


"Oh, how sweetly the sap flows!"

Get it? xD Finally, something that is not commission related~

A fanart I made of my favorite character on DotA2, Nature's Prophet. The sunglasses weren't added until the very last moment. It was just for gags, but it turned out that he looks good in them. Yes, I play DotA sometimes. Because I'm always so busy, I cannot afford to play long RPG games.

I'm adding more non-furry artworks into my portfolio so if anybody would want to order a non-furry (human) fantasy themed illustration commission, you'd make me very happy. I really enjoy drawing fantasy characters~

Without the sunglasses.

Nature's Prophet © Valve
Art by Xypress
Misc: Progression

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    Just notifying that you did a double post ;)

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      Sorry about that, didn't see the different between glasses and not. My mistake!

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      Not exactly. I uploaded 2 versions. One had sunglasses and the other one doesn't.

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        I noticed to late, sorry about that ^^'

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    Exactly how I play Nature's Prophet : Like a Boss.
    Seriously, I like the way you draw the beard, must be hard to do :c

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      Thank you. Well it was tedious, but Ihad a custom brush to help me. The Hand of Midas was harder for me to do, to be honest ^^;

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        It was worth it ;P