Shark Pinup by Xyloart (critique requested)

Shark Pinup (critique requested)


7 February 2014 at 16:32:12 MST

For a shark woman calendar collab. Don't think I'm quite done with it though. My first attempt at digital painting so please be kind.

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    this came a long way!

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      Thanks; I was feeling kind of down about it. :P

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        Nah don't it takes a while to fine the tools and brushes you like to use.

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          I want to get tons better so when I finally attempt your pic it'll be amazing. :) Right now I'm still planning it out; I've only done sketches. >.>;

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            Hey no worries! Its a learning curve, my first digital drawing makes me look like a absolute noob, (I'll show it to you if you want) much better now lol, its about finding whats comfortable. I really do recommend looking into different types of brushes though. There are some great packs you can download and install. Maybe I can find you some. I finished my sketch of your half of the art trade last night, its a lot of fun but its going to be very time consuming and tedious to finish. I want to post it but I must resist lmao xD I love making things which are personal and surprising :)