Tom Lucitor x Luizzy Vixian - Bloodmoon by XxfallenambitionxX

Tom Lucitor x Luizzy Vixian - Bloodmoon


25 April 2020 at 17:56:25 MDT

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a little over 24 hours later and I finally finished this drawing hhh..! this is Tom Lucitor x Luizzy Vixian,

think of this.. the second blood moon after star has moved on with marco. though, due to the blood moon ball being a curse, I can see them not doing the moon light choosen dance. meaning, they just...hold this as a normal ball every year with the same activities, except once a year instead of 667 years.
my oc, luizzy is excited to be there and dressed for the occasion. Tom, IS happy someone cares for him, but due to the last... blood moon.. he'd be incredibly nervous. especially since the last one he hosted, his date was star butterfly.

This here is a redrawn background of that photo shoot of the unicorn blood spill, dancers at the blood moon partake in. luizzy, excited af, where as Poor tom is nervous that she'll most likely not wanna partake in anything with him like star didn't.

Honestly, I bet tom would be insecure about that shit. since all star cared about was marco marco maaarco lol. xD
not dissing starco. I just feel bad for poor tom. ;-;

anyway... This drawing was really tedious to do, but fun. not only did I do my own custom drawn background, but I also designed a blood moon ball dress for luizzy. and its SO cute. My friend RaineOuShine put the sparkles on Luizzys dress because Paint tool sai doesnt even come WITH sporkles ;-; so thanks man! ;v; steals clip studio paint from you


Star vs the forces of evil, and Tom Lucitor belongs to Disney
Luizzy Vixian belongs to me

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3/27/2020 at 5:35 pm Est

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3/29/2020 1:57 am Est

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10 hours

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