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CPH binge with smol blue GF by XxfallenambitionxX

CPH binge with smol blue GF


after almost two weeks of production.. I've finally finished..this gif of peridot and Moonstone binge watching Camp Pining hearts, then Moonstone leans on peridot, peri proceeding to hug her smol blue gf lol.
Moonstone is my Gemsona. and yes. I ship her with peridot if that wasn't already easy to tell. xP
for those who want a little bit about my moonstone and why she joined the crystel gems in my AU.
my moonstones abilities are:

ice manipulation: Much like lapis, she can control water, however, she uses water to only shape and freeze it to ice. she can even use magic to make it snow over a singular building if she wanted to.

  • Dream altering: if you sleep, and she is next to you or near.. You will always have good dreams/no nightmares with her around. Powerful rare ability: Wish granting: it is RARE now a days for a moonstone to have this ability. she cant wish on her own gem, the wishing kinda works like a genies wish, be specific, and you can only get 3 per day. and the bigger the wish, the more worn out, and tired moonstone gets. wishing to be stronger then your enemy, to kill someone, to make someone love you, basically all this is a wish that does nothing if you try to wish upon her gem. Weapon: crescent snake spear Poof level: fragile/ Easy to poof, but if there is water she can use, her ice manipulation abilities can make her very strong. and she is agile/ quick on her feet. Her backstory: there were MANY Blue moonstone but only HER cut was rare enough to grant wishes on certain circumstances.. so when she got tired of being used, she took a ship and fled to earth and blue diamond ordered all blue moonstone shattered cause she was angry and afraid all cut of moonstone would run and betray homeworld. moonstone was always hidden in a cave she made into an icy wonderland. since she loved the cold. until the crystel gems found her. and boom. crystel gem. she started to hang more with peridot at the barn tho.. er.. yknow.. back before the movie/su future stuff lol.

I...really hope you all like this gif.. and well.. if not? thats okay. I love it. I am peristone trash~

((for those who will tell me wishing as an ability is waaaay to OP, I didnt even make it up? I bought an actual moonstone gem years back. and the properties of a moonstone is that if you put it under your pillow, good dreams will come your way. and if you carry it with you all your wishes may come true. Obviously, thats not true.. but The actual gem.. properties says that.

s o o o o o im keepin it. )

Art/animation Was made by ME
Moonstone cut 2vB is MY oc/gemsona
Peridot belongs to CartoonNetwork


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