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Storms Coming by Xtrasis

Storms Coming


A road once traveled now lost to time. Ancient whispers of the past lie dreaming upon dusty shelves. Some held knowledge hidden within the yellowed weathered pages of a time long since past. While one tale hidden in the back behind a tangled web of ancient insect's shells. Still caught in the reaper's fragile threads, was a small brown book with corners nibbled down to it's bone colored cover. The spine of this poor book shows its tendons that still hold the mummified cover to its aged paper.

Dusting away the past remnants of dust and shells. Revealing the name pressed into the flesh of the cover. "A Glimpse" a name that brings up the words "of what?" to mind. Curiosity starts pulling back the mummified cover as it creaks and pops like the body of a old man. A faint smell arises from within. As if the ancient book has finally exhaled its final breath. Written neatly upon the pages with a quill pen once dipped into a well of black ink.

"A Glimpse" by Xtrasis- A Tale of a young rat girl that set out on arduous journey to seek out a mighty being called Garavach.

Character depicted goonandthegallows
Garavach character owned by her as well.

Art by me.

All Painted in sai. ^^

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