How should I start my real name is Kathleene but call me Shadow, ye Shadow is me fursona deal with it and I live in a small town with my dog. Draw mostly furry/anthro, animals and fantasy art. I have more of a cute draw style, and somewhat realistic style, I do some "adult" theme drawings but it's rare so if it not you cup of tea I not judging you. I'm still in my training stage kind of, so my drawing is not the best. I hope that I can develop and I take criticism but please helpful criticism and not just mean.
Copyright for all pictures, but I allow you to redraw, fan art, reference and so on. Except sell the original art or re drawing. And as you credit me I am happy.

Favorite visual artist: Dragon artist the most, but otherwise I like for the most part all artist around.
Favorite movies: Horror, fantasy, sci- fi, crime, some animated movies
Favorite TV shows: The X-files, Marlin, Stargate SG1, Wolf's rain
Favorite bands / musical artists: Within Temptation, Lunatica, Epica, Delain, Green day, The Offspring, Elysion, Halestorm, Amberian Dawn, Arven
Favorite books: Mostly fantasy and how to draw books
Favorite games: Black and White not pokemon, Castelvania, the Harvest Moon/ Story Of Seasons and Rune Factory series.
Favorite gaming platform: 3Ds, PC
Tools of the Trade: Colored pencils
Other Interests: Draw, write, sing, music and read

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Update for next year

on 24 December 2016 at 01:28:47 MST

So a little warning for next year. It will not be any more monthly uploads, I want to focus to improve my art skills and take me time with me drawing. So I do not stress or force myself to do something. Noticed that the health take some beating from it, so now I upload when I feel like it. So sometimes you get a lot and sometimes it well be a long wait.

So hope you manage and take care :)


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Headshot and full body

Colour pencils and sketch no digital.
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

Well it’s been a long while but I will try to take commissions again. But just don’t expect to much, take a good look at my gallery before you commission for me. So you know what you can expect. Any how the only payment I accept is pay pal, but I have art trade as an option for you with maybe no money. And money back guarantee if you regret your order but do it before the drawing is done or you will not get your full money back. You can pm me on DA if you want one.
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