How should I start my real name is Kathleene but call me Shadow, ye Shadow is me fursona deal with it and I live in a small town with my dog. Draw mostly furry/anthro, animals and fantasy art. I have more of a cute draw style, and somewhat realistic style, I do some "adult" theme drawings but it's rare so if it not you cup of tea I not judging you. I'm still in my training stage kind of, so my drawing is not the best. I hope that I can develop and I take criticism but please helpful criticism and not just mean.
Copyright for all pictures, but I allow you to redraw, fan art, reference and so on. Except sell the original art or re drawing. And as you credit me I am happy.

Favorite visual artist: Dragon artist the most, but otherwise I like for the most part all artist around.
Favorite movies: Horror, fantasy, sci- fi, crime, some animated movies
Favorite TV shows: The X-files, Marlin, Stargate SG1, Wolf's rain
Favorite bands / musical artists: Within Temptation, Lunatica, Epica, Delain, Green day, The Offspring, Elysion, Halestorm, Amberian Dawn, Arven
Favorite books: Mostly fantasy and how to draw books
Favorite games: Black and White not pokemon, Castelvania, the Harvest Moon/ Story Of Seasons and Rune Factory series.
Favorite gaming platform: 3Ds, PC
Tools of the Trade: Colored pencils
Other Interests: Draw, write, sing, music and read

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Update for next year

on 24 December 2016 at 01:28:47 MST

So a little warning for next year. It will not be any more monthly uploads, I want to focus to improve my art skills and take me time with me drawing. So I do not stress or force myself to do something. Noticed that the health take some beating from it, so now I upload when I feel like it. So sometimes you get a lot and sometimes it well be a long wait.

So hope you manage and take care :)


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Colour pencils and sketch

No digital sorry.
$ 1.00

Well it’s been a long while but I will try to take commissions again. But just don’t expect to much, take a good look at my gallery before you commission for me so you know what you getting.
• Art trade is acceptable, up to 800 deviantart points or lower is up to you and may now accept free slot not all the time so you know.
• Just for DA: You decide how much you want to pay.
• (( Just for DA: Points back if you regret your order and if I have not sent you commission. If I have sent it I will take a cut for my safety not a big one.)) And if I have not got your drawing then no drawing if it was not free.
Just ignore the prices


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