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Earthbound - Page 3 by XRedMoon

Earthbound - Page 3


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Here we are! My final for Fall quarter 2019. We were tasked with drawing a Fantasy/Sci-Fi or both comic with four pages. It had to follow the plot of a character living about their normal lives and then they are suddenly thrust into this new world/adventure.
That being said. Why Earthbound?
It's all because my professor during a made up example spouted "Aaand then suddenly! The Star Man appeared"
I came up with the idea to heavily abridge the beginning of Earthbound and proposed the idea to my professor, showing him the game and told him which year it came out, in which he said, "perfect! go for it!"
I cut out a LOT to fit this four page maximum just to reach where the the starman junior shows up. If i were to redo this comic, I would certainly pace it better, and make it more accurate to the game than this abridged version. But for the sake of the assignment this is what I have.

Page Notes: Okay. I liked this page in idea. but don't like it's execution. Well. It'd be fine without dialogue. or.. So much?? I thought it was all important info so I kept it rather uncut from the game (I did cut just a little bit). It doesn't help that the way you read that middle panel is confusing. You read it like a slanted "Z". I talked with my professor about it and we tried a few things but ultimately came back to this composition for the text. Not my best work, but we did what we could. Otherwise, this is my second favorite page. Super happy with how Giygas turned out and I also love white glow on white backgrounds with characters. Also stop being so cute Ness. I didn't like you until now lmao.

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