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look at all these headshots by XRedMoon

look at all these headshots


16 August 2019 at 06:01:49 MDT

Headshots! I drew these a while ago and they were all randomly generated from a LARGE list of characters from me and my friends. 162 characters were on the list. That's a lot.
SO from top left down I'll list the characters in order
Red: Vinzo (@sapphydragon)
Tan: Vincent (@cloudyeevee)
Brown-Red: Dar'Hasta
Orange: Calix
Pink: Abatani (@sapphydragon)
Orangey-Brown: Nikolai (@cloudyeevee)
Light Blue: Yuki
Dark Blue: Akira (@cloudyeevee)
Purplely: Faolan
Dark Green: Elliot
Yellow+Blue: Kurai & Jin
Red-Orange: Kaji
Brown: Makoto
Greeeen: Ivy
Black/Grey: Sentou

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    Hey, I find the style in this really aesthetically pleasing and cute. Very pretty~

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      Thank you! I'm glad you like it <3