[Present] Shall We Dance? by XRedMoon

[Present] Shall We Dance?


30 July 2019 at 06:01:33 MDT

Birthday present for my good friend Cloudy-Eevee

Feat. is my OC Leon Noir dancing with his girlfriend (and her OC) Bunny Owens. These two hold a special place for the both of us-- and I wanted to draw them together. It's LONG time overdue since I've last drawn Bunny. I miss her ;w;
These two are childhood friends who end up together after college. But of course they went out together to highschool dances <3
I was going to have a part 2 with Jackson and Rose as well, but I ran short on time. Maybe I'll draw it anyways later, hahaha.
Hope you like it, Cloudy!!

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