[Prize] Bamboo Stroll by XRedMoon

[Prize] Bamboo Stroll


29 June 2019 at 10:05:46 MDT

i don't even want to talk about how long this took me to even get around to it.

It's FINALLY DONE. My final contest prize for ShyBlackSheep on DeviantArt from my 800 watcher contest.
good lord all the others were done in march. pls forgive me meru for taking this long-- school was harsh this last quarter.

The piece features the main characters of her future comic "Good Luck", Huo and Ume taking a stroll through a calming bamboo forest.
hope you like it, love ;w; :heart:

with this all my owed art is done. i'll be taking an art trade or two to do in between artfight prep so look for that journal later today.