it's doodleoodle time (blursed edition) by XRedMoon

it's doodleoodle time (blursed edition)


29 June 2019 at 09:17:45 MDT

hi. I've been busy these last two days- I have a few more in my sketchbook but I don't usually post those.

so. life drawing has ruined me. excuse the first one on the top- you don't want to see my sketchbook x'3
but i've finally gotten butt redemption 2: electric bootygaloo. day one of life drawing, i couldn't figure out how to butt. then i had a second chance for a homework assignment. finally drew one right???? idk lol
second sketch was from me misreading the word "baking" as "bathing" so here we are.
THEN we have flower dad baking. but he burnt the bread. poor flower dad.
Lucas is drinking coffee. leave him alone.

The next few were me practicing with the realistic watercolor brushes from clipstudio to practice for my next sequential assignment.

we have a draw the squad meme that's blursed.
Kurai without Jin :0
Kagerou and Leon
and Rose Jackson

it's late. i'm off to bed. night guys! sketch dump