Red's Doodleoodle Dump by XRedMoon

Red's Doodleoodle Dump


10 April 2019 at 15:00:57 MDT

o look at what time it iiiiissss dump sketch time.
The mother 3 sketches were done weeks ago. like.. maybe 5-6 weeks ago???

The rest was done within last night and today. that being said here's a list of everyone starting from top left
-Fothman (Cloudy-Eevee)
-Boney + Duster
-Random Pigmask
-Uriah (SapphyDragon)
-Kurai and Akalia
-Almost mecha lion
-Rope snake
-Lotus Root and Mole Cricket
-Patton (Cloudy-Eevee)
-Leon wolf
-Me being dead
-Sheen from Jimmy Neutron