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How should I start hmm well Shadow is actually just a normal antarctic wolf from my dreams but I draw her more fantasi becuse I like it. Any why I draw mostly furry/anthro, animals and fantasy art. I have more of a cute draw style, and somewhat realistic style, I do some "adult" theme drawings but it's rare so if it not you cup of tea I not judging you. I'm still in my training stage kind of, so my drawing is not the best. I hope that I can develop and I take criticism but please be helpful. Copyright for all pictures, but I allow you to redraw, fan art, reference and so on. Except sell the original art or the re drawing. And as long you credit me I am happy.

Favorite visual artist: Dragon artist the most, but otherwise I like for the most part all artist around.
Favorite movies: Horror, fantasy, sci- fi, crime, some animated movies
Favorite TV shows: The X-files, Stargate SG1, Wolf's rain
Favorite bands / musical artists: Within Temptation, Xandria, Lunatica, Epica, Delain, Green day, The Offspring, Elysion, Halestorm, Amberian Dawn, Arven, Draconian, Midnattsol, Imperia, Sirenia, Avantasia,
Favorite books: Mostly fantasy and how to draw books
Favorite games: Black and White not pokemon, Tome rider old ones, Castelvania, the Harvest Moon/ Story Of Seasons and Rune Factory series.
Favorite gaming platform: Switch
Tools of the Trade: Colored pencils, pencil
Other Interests: Draw, write, sing, music and read

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Commission Information

Commissions: Head 8$ or full body 15$

Payment option: I just have PayPal for the moment so sorry I will look in to more options.

Trades: I accept everything doesn't matter what medium it's photo's, clay, art and so on is all fine by me.

Requests: This is more for charities and friends but I might accept do for free sometimes anyway.

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    Hi, thank you for the follow on here. ^_^ Also, I wish you a Happy New Year 2021.

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      It's no problem like the art you were doing so and thanks for following back. And happy new year to you to :3.

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    la Toolawn!!

    You've just been TOOLAWN'D!

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    Thanks for the fav!

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      You very welcome and hope you get more followers/watchers, your art is on a really good progress :).

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    Thanks for the fave! :3

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      Nee you are welcome :D and keep up the good work.