Adventure Machu_Mask by Xiardoruzo

Adventure Machu_Mask


12 September 2019 at 18:26:14 MDT

The mask gives a slightly more mysterious and menacing side, which makes an interesting contrast.
The mask is not only there to make pretty, it has some utilities. <w<

No cloth :
Adventurer cloth
Layer of Clothes 1 : Soon
Layer of Clothes 2 : Soon
Layer of Clothes 3 : Soon
With Mask : You're here ^w^/

Machu cosplay
Pikachu Libre : Soon
Pikachu pop star : ?
Pikachu Belle : ?

Mask : Soon
bo : Soon

Art by anonymous (At the moment)
The artist does not want to be associated with this experimental style for the moment. x3

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