[My Art] TailGuardians - Summer Fun Event Entry by XiaoMao

[My Art] TailGuardians - Summer Fun Event Entry


12 July 2017 at 20:41:20 MDT

Tail Guardian Event: Summer Fun
Details: “Create something with your Tail Guardian with the theme of Summer fun! Have your TG enjoy their favorite cool treat, or fun summer meal! Does your TG go swimming? What is your TG doing this time of year? This is supposed to be a fun simple event, ENJOY!!”

Art and DiaoChan & Liang (c) XiaoMao/Mao's Menagerie
Sumu (c) Azolin
Kitty (c) Keirajo
Momoiro (c) egyptiandragon1
Floater (c) Zakedas
TailGuardians & Suiohh (c) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lai-tut

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    It's super-cute! :D