Hello, my furry friends! Welcome to my page here on Weasyl! Feel free to check out my music, and maybe leave a comment or two! I am always open to a little constructive criticism, but please, if you do not like a song, and can't tell me why, don't even bother leaving a comment. In the past, I've gotten comments on some of my earlier songs that would say something along the lines of, "This sucks" and that was it. Personally, if you don't like one of my songs, that's fine, but PLEASE tell me why, because otherwise you're just being a huge asshole. Anyhow, now since that's out of the way, I'm generally a fun person, I enjoy a good hot tea, particularly green oolongs and Irish black teas. I also love to make electronic music, and love pretty much everything about electronic music. Although, there are a couple styles that I am not to fond of, and those styles are dubstep, and happy hardcore. I won't go into detail as to why I don't like them, but if you really want to know, just send me a pm. Some other things I like are dragons, particularly anthro dragons. I'm also a huge sonic fan, and have been for a really long time, but in recent years my fanaticism has been for the comics, which I have been behind on lately. Pokemon is pretty awesome as well even though I'm not a giant fanatic like some people, I still enjoy the game very much. Finally, if there is anything else that you want to know that isn't in the paragraph, just send me a pm! I won't bite!

Here are the other furry sites, I'm on:

Fur Affinity;

So Furry;

Also, right now my album is currently on for super cheap! Check it out!

Here's the link if you graciously decide to help support my passion in life:

Some of my music is also featured in the popular indie game Beat Hazard: Ultra! It's pretty awesome!

RAWR! :3


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