Toaster Dog by Xeroxed

Toaster Dog


14 May 2013 at 16:02:46 MDT

This, my friends, was my rendition of the toaster dog from Secret of Evermore - minus the slots for toast, because when I tried to boolean them out Lightwave threw fits and did super funky stuff to the geometry, and I just didn't have the time nor the knowledge at the time to do it some other way. Thus the toaster dog cannot actually make toast - sorry. XD

When rendered properly with surroundings, he has a mirror chrome finish to him that reflects everything, but I don't have any images of that, so you get this - also sorry about that.

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    Evermore was one of my favorite SNES games back in the day, and it never seems to get enough love. Toaster dog is awesome! It's awesome to see him as a 3D model (and hey, he can still make toast, he just has to do it with his laser beams, right? Might come out kind of uneven, or charred, but so it goes.)

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      Yeah, the amount of trash talk I saw hurt me in my soul, people seemed to think it was crap because it wasn't enough like a JRPG. :P The fact that it was so unique was what appealed to me.

      As for toasting bread, I think he'd be more likely to punch holes THROUGH the bread if he used the lasers. XD