Hellscream Remix by Xenosmilus

Hellscream Remix


1 August 2019 at 15:01:37 MDT

Orcs are supposed to be plants, their ancestors evolved from plants that used minerals and stone in their bodies I guess like vines wrapping around rocks. So how would they look then?

If orcs are evolved from carnivorous alien plants who used stone and minerals in their bodies, then how would a alien orc from Draenor look?

This orc has red thorns for teeth, trichome(plant hair), a pale face like plant roots and lower stems, and bright colorful butt like a flower's rear that sticks up in the air, and he can shift from upright walking to knuckle walking, since walking hunched over wouldnt evolve as a locomotion nature would give. If hes hunch walking then he should be shifting from fours to twos, like a gibbon.

Thorns replace teeth, gums are neon green like fresh sensitive plant flesh, tough cactus-like outerskin, dark trichome (plant hair), face is pale like a flower's roots/lower stem, while the butt or genitals would be bright and flower-ish.

Meet the brutal Grom Hellscream, who has swords for tusks and surgically planted in iron and obsidian chin.

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