Season's Greeting from the Chrismas Club by XenoMadness

Season's Greeting from the Chrismas Club


8 December 2018 at 22:01:32 MST

Bryan and some of the Xeno casts welcome you to their Chrismas Club they've organised for everyone. Here the special holiday club invites you to a heart-warming family friendly Christmas dining and to exchange gifts to one another, Cindy offers everyone to try out her freshly baked ginger biscuits made from real ingrediants with choc-chips in them. The guys at the back set up a brightful decorative tree along with Bryan's son, Corey, to help out. The club also now introduces a new attraction: Grinch's Cove, where the big mean creature tells his tales to children of how he once stoled Christmas told from his burning fireplace. Grim was perfect for the role for the iconic character, although he does a shit job at it. XD

This was meant to look simplistic but as usual I went for something a bit detailed instead. I would've added more characters in this but given the fact the canvas was too square and the amount of layers made my experience laggy, I could only fit whoever I thought would be a relevant role for this pic, the shading on the charas was meant to be simple, not awfully detailed so they'd stuck out more from the foreground. The wallpaper was taken from an image off google images because I got lazy doing one myself.

Happy Early Holidays Yo!

Artwork © XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon 

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    I HATE celebration of "New Year"-_- It's veery annoying meX(

    But I SO love your cute art^^ I love each of character on this art<3 And I like this style what you used there))) So heartwarming:3

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      I can see why one would hate New Year celebrations, I’m not too interested in it myself so you’re not alone.
      Many thanks! I wanted it exactly to be heartwarming and I’m you like it. <3