Jaw Anatomy Sketches by XenoMadness

Jaw Anatomy Sketches


19 November 2018 at 04:09:14 MST

The idea of practicing some jaw anatomy was inspired by a friend on here who sometime ago did some realistic sketches of dog jaws, I thought to myself "why don't I do some practice on jaws as well, why not me?" so I came up with this using my charas as examples. I actually had this since last week but forgot about it.
The top where Bryan is I did some jaws slowly opening each panel from the side and front.
Middle where Rick is shows wolf muzzles yet opening again but on the side, from the view of looking up (as if howling or attacking) and from the back diagonally.
Grim's side is much like Bryan's panel but with the jaw opening much more and revealing the maw inside along with two small sketches at the end.
The teeth diagram was just to show my art teacher what their teeth look like since the way I draw them are NOT like humans and animals, they are aliens after all! I decided to leave them here to show as well.

I will be doing more practice on their jaws  because I'm getting a bit tired of seeing my weird cartoony styled mouth expressions, so many faults can be seen in those artworks of mine it just disappoints me looking at them again.-_-

Artwork © XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

(Sorry for bad quality btw, I tried fixing the lighting to make it more visible to see)

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    Heheh, and a friend who gave for you inspiration it's me!!!^_^ Aww)) I'm glad to see what I still inspire at least someone^^"
    I'm very LOVE your sketch!))<3 Great job) I like how did you show the mouth open and composition on this drawing of pics)) It's good training)

    Oh I understand that feeling... I hate my cartoony arts too!X(

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      Hehe yep! It was you. X)
      Thanks! It was great fun training with them and using many refs for help too.

      Indeed, that’s why I’m doing my best to get away from cartoony to hopefully a much better realistic style for my charas.

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        It's good:)