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Inktober 1: Call of the Demon by XenoMadness

Inktober 1: Call of the Demon


My first art piece to contribute #inktober this year, starting off with Bryan's demon form. I haven't drawn him in ages! XD I'm still figuring out a quick ink sketch during this month also if this style isn't good enough.
For this month, I'm doing Halloween/horror themed Inktober challenge. Enjoy!

Character © XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

Tools of trade: black sharpie and coloured fine liner pens.

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    WooW!!! So AWESOME STYLE you used there0.0 I love it... just love it<3

    I love this lines used as colouring - it looking badass!) And I like him pose)) He looking like characters on posters of musical groups^^

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      Aww Thank you so much! More of this style I shall use then because I quite liked the lines I did here.
      Hehe that's cool! :D

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        Yay!)) I want to see more in this style!!!
        And what music did you listen when drawed this?)

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          For once it was NOT metal I had listened with this. :D
          One of them was like a satanic ceremony (there are other versions altered like this scattered on youtube) and the other was Black Sun - Hymn to Lucifer (Luciferian music I thinks? :/)
          Thanks for asking, I forgot mention that in the describtion hehe.

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            NOT metal?0.0 Ohh... but I want metal now!^^
            Awww I veery LOVE organ music and it is my fav instrument<3 But I find nothing satanic in this music:\