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Criminal on the loose by XenoMadness

Criminal on the loose


29 June 2018 at 21:42:01 MDT

On 12am peak hour at dusk, a roaming criminal is on the prowl from police after it had been spotted nearby a building taking an offense (urinating) and scavaging around finding mice to feed on whilst it had crushed what appears to be a kitten in its hand. Another report from earlier on the thug had robbed two civilians of their money with harm done as one of them had a broken shoulder bone from the criminal's clutching its palms onto them. Trying to escape the cops sight, it runs into a dark allay where the police vehicles wouldn't fit through; only to be barriered by a large wired fence chaining the gate to the other side. Have the police finally succeeded in catching their most wanted criminal? Or does the criminal, Grim, have another idea to spring out of this most-wanted police chase situation?

I discovered another drawing app called ibisPaint X, I decided to use one of my sketches I did on paper (in class) and had a play around with the app. I think it's better than AutoDesk SketchBook in most parts :D I'll definitly will be using it more in my future drawings. The background was made mostly using the app's provided stock images.

Critiques are welcomed, please! I want to get better at my lighting and shading in enviorment areas such as here.

Artwork by me © copyright XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

My sketch I used (even though I had no intentions on digitalizing them, but eh..)

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