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16 June 2018 at 05:27:26 MDT

Who's this? A new character? No, it's not really. :D
I ended up finally revealing my chara, Grim's past self and it's real name. Alistair!
Alistair (now known as Grim) was one of the three children of the family, he had two sisters and living with mum and dad. Alistair was born a hermaphrodite (intersex) and has caused confusion for people around him figuring what the fuck he/she was. XD
Even though I'm still working on a backstory as to how Alistair's family died after witnessing their still corpes, after a few years "coping" with his dead family and living on the streets and woods alone, the yellow fur started turning into a light, decay green colour and hair becoming black, the eyes too ended up loosing its colour into a more yellowish-grey colour.
Alistair tried summoning the family's spirits to try and restore them back into the bodies but unfortunately, evil spirits came after Alistair and possessed him instead. Alistair's body has become taller, muscular and overall more beastly in appearence. Thus, Grim came to be to this day on foward (current year 2005 in my series) as the homeless, criminal, grave robbing necrophile it's known for!

Artwork+character by me © copyright XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

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