Night Time Drive by XenoMadness

Night Time Drive


30 May 2018 at 04:17:34 MDT

Bryan takes his son, Corey, home after a night out somewhere. If only the boy would stop asking questions to his father before he falls asleep behind the wheel!

To keep this short: this was a practice for blending colours (again) and trying out a nighttime theme without using filters (except for just fixing the image a bit), also tried drawing a part of a car even though there's many mistakes and details missing out. It took me several weeks to finish~

Art © copyright XenoMadness formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon

Sorry for bad camera angle, I suck at taking photos. X(

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    Ah heheheh, looking funny)) Dad tired of sonXD
    Aww I'm really LOVE this coloring<3 Looking so atmospheric - like I'm there!0.0 I love every detail of this drawing))
    And do not care that drawing a car you have a lot of mistakes - nothing is perfect: if it would be perfect, it would be just uninteresting, but these bends give the car an interesting and more fluid look^^

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      Lol let's hope he gets home sooner. XD
      I tried my to make this as atmospheric so the viewer could feel like they're in this drawing as well, I also probably shouldn't worry too much about the car as well. You're definitely right, it's a lot more interesting this way. Thank you for support, friend! :D