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Grim: alternative new design by XenoMadness

Grim: alternative new design


8 May 2018 at 05:48:37 MDT

14th April 2018

A simple non official ref of Grim's full body, along with another design I want it in. As of lately; I just think the clothing on the original looks too.. bland? So I finally sketched it out (was originally done on paper before being moved to Auto Sketchbook) in class and worked on Grim from here.

I wanted to make its design more like between that of a homeless looking metalhead wearing shredded material and a chain around the waist like a belt, Grim's beastly upper body torso and facial expressions are meant to look more intimidating and a threat to anyone and critters.

What's new(ish)?
. Grim's jacket is a denim collar buttoned coat with pockets and small studs stitched on, now with a demonic skull that of a rams print on the back of its thick coat.
. Its jeans now have shreds and rips indicating they've been worn out for so long since Grim had them on.
. Wormhole like ear studs are now seen on both ears at the bottom edge.

Xenopomorphic species: Spotted Hyena with an unofficial gender/sex as of now. It's hair and clothing style is based of a typical metalhead wear.

Place of living:
On the streets in dark allys and occasionally roaming around town to find prey and steal belongings such as money.

Taste in music:
Anything with Brutal Death Metal or any mentioning of the dead. Gross.

Type(s) of necrophile:
Romanitic (family only but not lustful)
Homicidal (sometimes may only kill and not perform on victim)

Artwork by me © copyright XenoMadness, formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon 

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