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The Stereotypical Wanker


7 April 2018 at 02:33:22 MDT

26th December 2017 

The older brother of a sissy canid, comes forward into the series as a typical wanker of the family!

I'm still working on Rick's bio because he is very new to my series, so things may change and be added later on in future.

Small bio:
Rick is a 27 year old Xenopomorphic wolf species who, like Luke, lives with his parents in a small but poor house. He works in a similar job to Luke's but packs things onto shelves and unboxing goods, he does this for full time.
Rick is a self centered jerk who disrespects the queer and thinks they're just trying to be "special", hence, the reason he dislikes Luke for being Non-Binary. He thinks people need to get over themselves into thinking they aren't like other people and just be happy with the sex they were born with, hence he is most definitely Cis and of course Heterosexual.
Rick's taste in music is mostly anything to do with rock and metal, he thinks Luke is a baby for being "scared" of metal. Rick is basically a full on metalhead. Also he hates classical music and Broadway musicals, something that Luke truely likes listening to. XD
Rick is Luke's older brother, only being five years ahead, he loves to mess his lil brother around and tease him at home; almost like a bully! Rick sometimes takes Luke along with him on uneventful journeys that his brother doesn't want to be involved in. However, Rick encourages him to become a better person in life and conquer his anxiety disorder. He's not that bad of an older brother than some people think..
Rick is full prude when it comes to love, his main attraction is females and enjoys this lifestyle than what people shouldn't really do. He's a bad example of what he does and has no shame in doing so. Luke thinks he's nuts..

Rick is supposed to be another one of my hated characters more than being enjoyed and should not really be an inspiration for others, but you know me, I love hated characters that offend me. Plus he's a complete stereotype as intended to! XD 

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