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TBOTC poster by XenoMadness

TBOTC poster


Hey, actual new artwork than shitty traditional drawings for once XD (well, for the meantime..)

Finally! A front cover poster for my series, TBOTC. Only taken me a full week to complete and the difficulty of getting the details in the background just about right, I'm very happy on how this turned out. I hope for this series to become a successful adult cartoon one day as my dream goal in life!

Cast from left to right:
-Luke. Younger brother of Rick.
-Dexter. Best friend of Bryan.
-Bryan. Drunken fiancé to Cindy and father of Corey.
-Corey. Son of Bryan and Cindy.
-Cindy. Fiancé to Bryan.
-Reese. Neutral friend to Bryan.
-Rick. Luke's older brother and a bully.

My introduction for it (I'm still working on it):
In a world where all species of anthropomorphic civilians; biologically known as Xenopomorphic Creations. Whether be it pure or inter species, and other alienated strange life forms are inhabited. Planet TBOTC is the wonderful world where these civilized Xenobiotic organism creatures with human like intelligence live on. Far from the planet Earth and Mars is full of weird, wonderful and all different kinds of creatures and places to be at. Whether they're civilians from the comfort of their own homes, or just strange creatures lurking about. You'd never know until you visit there!
Bryan F. Fennel, a 30+ year old blue fennec fox with two special gifts, living with his fiancé and their son in a small quiet house, will be the main character of this franchise of mine and a few other characters which will be included too. Don't worry, they won't bite!

Artwork by me © XenoMadness, formerly JennA-SatanicRaccoon 

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    YAY! Finally you have a poster of your character's franchise and I soo love it<3 Hehe, I don't know what Bryan have wife and even a son!0.0 It's interesting story what you write there))
    And TBOTC it's a cartoon? Oh wow! I'm same want to made a cartoon-_-
    I love how you draw perspective on this drawing - it's looking difficult to draw for this art!0.0 And I like how you show character of every your characters)) In digital style it art looking more modern)

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      Yay thank you! Yes, Bryan's got a partner and son XD I just don't draw them often because of undecided designs and such:/
      Yay you too! It'd awesome to see. I want to learn how to do animation so I can do exactly that but because I don't have the skills and proper software for it, in the meantime I'm just making this into a comic series until I finally learn how to animate. :D
      The background was very difficult, I had to redo the perspective and draw distance just so it looked sorta flat whilst showing details from what's in it and such. But yeah, I want it to look modern even tho this series set in early 2005 :)

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        Heheh)) But I really don't know what I more want to made: Hellhounds as cartoon or Hellhounds as weekly magazine of humorXD
        Wow this is how looking Australian city - interesting)) I've never seen such buildings0.0
        What? Your charas live in 2005?)

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          Oh nice. Maybe like a comic strip or something would be nice to see with Hellhounds. :D

          Yeah, that background brownish building is from Flinders Street in Melbourne. It's a train station and I think a ballroom at the top roof. I say look it up to see the full building, it's pretty cool!

          Yep! That year is almost probably at that time I created this series from scratch and inspiration, even though it was entirely different (and terrible at that too XD) and my charas were awfully designed back then too! But, even now it's still set in 2005, at least my art looks a bit modern to suit 2005-2018.
          In short; I just like the old 2005 setting of it all and the stuff from it, it's some how my favourite year. :)

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            Hmm comic)) It is cool idea! I will be think...

            Wow awesome!)

            It is also like my charas live in 80's?)

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    Why does this remind me of futurama? I like it!

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      Maybe the style I have and the name title could be why? Anyways thank you!^^

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        your welcome! btw what does TBOTC stand for?

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          The Beginning Of a True Creation

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            interesting! when i see this poster it makes me think of a cartoon that aired in the mid 2000's that's similar to family guy or futurama.

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              Oh nice. Well, this series of mine is set in 2005, so that could be the case as well.
              Many thanks!^^