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Coco's night out! by Xem

Coco's night out!


I finally finished another piece, fully updating the design of one of older character's Coco the Argonian. I gave her a much more gothier apperance & she's looking very fire now compared to her older designs! :love:

She is suppose to be preparing herself to go out somewhere & yes she's shaving her head, she can actually grow hair-like filaments called pycnofibers, not feathers, noooooo, pycnofibers, a type of filiment based integument, or covering that visually resembles mammalian hair & has more or less the same thermal-insulating properties. It was a filament present on some dinosaurs & pterosaurs & is homologous to feathers & scales.

anywho, If she let her pycnofibers grow out they would be red, & for her can only grow at a maximum of neck length & cannot exceed that length & would ressemble a straight haired afro, not that you'll ever see her with pycnofibers since she prefers to chop them all off & stay completely bald, & barren perpetually anyway. Yes, that means she's actually bald by choice, & in this is making sure she looks her best especially since she got this cool new outfit for her night out! Or before she goes out anywhere in public at all really.

she'll be making sure that her night out will be good one!