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Dingo The Dragonborn(Berrel Spurt) Doodle Draft by Xem

Dingo The Dragonborn(Berrel Spurt) Doodle Draft


I made this doodle of my female Archaic-Dragonborn Dingo, aka Berrelspurt this lady here This isn't so much a full revamp, but more or less just a rough draft in doodle form meant to serve as a reference for the intended updated design, which this version of Berrelspurt is already very close, I'm just playing around with her colour pallete a bit. I decided to change the colour of her to scutes green from black just to see how it would look, since that was the originally intended colour palette I was going to make her on the first drawing of her, but instead gave black scutes in that one.

She also appears very muscular in this one doodle, especially since you cant see the bottom half of her due to this being a half-bodied picture. Her teeth, particularly her canines are more emphasized in this as well, appearing more saber like, and making it very appearent that Dragonborn from her universe are suppose have heterodont teeth and not homodont, and their teeth are also suppose to be able constantly regenerate allowing for replaceable teeth a trait found in some reptiles like crocodylians, but also fish like sharks, and believe it or not, non-mammalian synapsids like gorgonopsians! More on that next time, I should also note that the Archaic-Dragonborn design, and by extension the Archaic-
dragon design is heavily influenced by the prehistoric non-mammalian synapsid dimetrodon. Overall she is far more intimidating in this appearance than the last. Oh yeah, and for some reason she's cleaning her head with a towel in this, idk why, must grooming related, or maybe she just got out of a shower or is cleaning herself, or maybe she is just polishing her bald head and is probably trying to look more presentable for a snoo snoo session with someone, again idk? I did forgot to mention that I decided to make the backsail she had in her older design into a more traditional dragon backcrest which can still be presumed to be a modified backsail, stemming from a dimetrodon like backsail anyway, again, just converted into a traditional backcrest down the evolutionary pipeline, considering the fact that Dragonborns obviously don't share the same body-plan as an actual dimetrodon, so having a huge backsail would create a lot of inconveniences

Either way, she was very fun to redraw again, even though this is just a small doodle, I plan on drawing other pictures of her one day in some later pieces down the pipeline, she has a very simple design.

BTW her actual name is a pun for the vegetable Brussel Sprouts if you didn't got that impression already.