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✝ Mutt - 19 - Female - BiSexual - Taken - Weirdo - Atheist ✝

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I love her a shit ton, don't fuck with her or I will eat all your cookies and you will have NOTHING left on the plate. Go give her some love guys really, she is AMAZING

You can call me Mutt, i'm just a normal teenager with some depression issues but that doesn't matter really. I am happily taken, also I am an artist. I mostly draw canines but form time to time I will draw other things. I am very easy going, and very simple to talk to. Just be aware of my randomness and my pervyness at times.
I can get along with anyone and everyone as long as they aren't dicks to me in return. I personally can't take drama and shit so keep that out of my life please. I will help my friends out when they need it. Don't be afraid to talk to me, i'm very calm and perveh person ;D I love making new friends. ♥

About my Art
I like to take my art serious, of course while having fun. I wish to make it my future job.♥ I just love art to death, I love how it can show your inner emotions and also your creativity. Art for me is my place I can go too when I need to get away from real life issues.
My artwork does take a while for me to complete I will admit that, so if you wish to Commission or do an Art Trade with me, just keep that in mind please. c:
I have some OCD when it comes to my art, so if it doesn't look perfect to my self I need to restart it. I will ask first if the person wants the sketches before I restart. ;v;
My art can come in different styles depening on what I wish to do with my current art project. I love to change up my style a lot, because I feel certain styles of art fit better with certain characters then my simple style.
I have started to do some more complex and detailed effects to my drawings which leads them to take even more time when they should.
Before you commission me, or ask for an Art Trade please notice that the art might take up to a month to fully complete! Some times it takes less, other times more.
If you wish to give me a certain date that it must be finished on, I can do that. ♥
Also my art is (c) copyrighted. If any of my art work is stolen or used without my actual say so, I will not hesitate to fine someone from up to $300.00.
I don't sound to be rude but I just dislike when people take art without asking permission to use, such as role plays.
If any of my characters are used in a role play please INFORM ME right away!

Art Status & Working Days

Current Art Status: Medium

  • Doing personal art before I get into things I ow c< shshhh testing styles XD

Sunday - Wednesday
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Thursday - Friday
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