Allied Species Engineering by X. Cytilinsk

Allied Species Engineering

X. Cytilinsk

30 December 2019 at 22:00:43 MST

Examples of light powered-armor often utilized by members of the Allied Species during missions of repair, construction, and exploration.

While these types of suits are well equipped for a variety of extreme and hazardous environments, they are not ideal for intense combat such as when facing the Kerihekteki. (This of course doesn't stop the main characters from trying to fight back when they are unexpectedly attacked early in the story...)

Note that the Ueptael construct their own almost entirely biological armors for similar purposes. The Lejendairidans however prefer to issue their own hardware for their combined missions simply because of the vast gap between their forms of technology, the Ueptael preferring biological adaptations while the Lejendairidans prefer smart-materials and exotic matter. This however is beginning to change with the development of hybridized technologies as the cultures continue to exchange their research.