Wildlife - Tere'Stekips by X. Cytilinsk

Wildlife - Tere'Stekips

X. Cytilinsk

4 October 2019 at 19:48:31 MDT

The Tere'Stekips is a terrestrial apex predator found across much of Lejendairida's Southern landmass in both forests and on open planes. They have poor eyesight like many of Lejendairida's large predators but have an excellent sense of hearing and a large set of infrared sensitive pits which dominate their head regions. They are thought to have evolved from smaller and more agile tree climbing creatures who's two front limbs gradually fused into a single slashing implement.

Tere'Stekips typically hunt in pairs or small groups to bring down medium to large sized prey. Their jaws constantly secrete a cocktail of paralyzing agents and corrosive enzymes which they use to kill and then liquefy prey. They produce distinctive calls for communication which can be heard across many kilometers.

Modeling and rendering with Blender