Ueptael by X. Cytilinsk


X. Cytilinsk

12 September 2019 at 21:19:58 MDT

Ueptael Late 2019 Render

These are the last renderings prior to a planned remodeling of each of the sapient races. The future versions will hopefully display improved mesh topography, higher levels of detail, more complex textures, and be generally more suited for animation.

The next iteration of the Ueptael will posses a deeply grooved skin texture to emphasize their tough and leathery nature, higher quality and optimization for the “glass hairs” which line their upper limbs, and more mottled and varied skin patterns to emphasize their high genetic diversity. They'll also be needing improved systems for those odd, feathery "hands", I'm still not entirely sure how they operate....

In-depth information on this civilization: https://limbdisk.com/wiki-page-ueptael-species/