LHV Aura of Zylinsk by X. Cytilinsk

LHV Aura of Zylinsk

X. Cytilinsk

30 July 2019 at 19:48:13 MDT

Render test for a heavy war-vessel from Lejendairida:

The Aura of Zylinsk is one of a class of large fleet-leading vessels constructed near the end of the First Galactic Conflict with the Kerihekteki (some 260 years ago). Such vessels are ideal for a variety of potential combat situations and are equipped with their own powerful and highly expensive Exotic Matter Tribunals for crossing extreme galactic distances while in fleet formation.

The Aura of Zylinsk is quite sizable for a Lejendairidan spacecraft (They rarely construct vehicles larger than roughly one kilometer in length). It contains numerous armories, medical bays, and other equipment to be utilized in combat situations. Through out its centuries of service the vessel has received many modifications and improvements to keep its design fit and up to date. The hybrid Lejendairidan Alphon Hyxo would once again find himself at the helm of the Aura in "Path of Limbdisk". The craft's name is a reference to the fabled Zylinsk, a deity from ancient Lejendairidan mythology with the power to cease wars and imprint vast knowledge.

ID: LHV Aura of Zylinsk
Director: Alphon Hyxo
Make: Technology Institute of Tha-Garr
Type: Honorary flagship, combat oriented, maximized range
Scale: 1,160 meters in length
Crew (Minimum): 6 Pilots, 40 engineering staff, 30 security staff
Operating system: Nano Distributed Intelligence Field (For advanced combat computing)
Armament: Planetary-Grade EMP Emitter System, X4 High-yield Electromagnetic Accelerator Bays, X4 Heavy Guided Plasma Elements

Modeled and rendered with Blender, image editing with GIMP