LHV Ordnantodon by X. Cytilinsk

LHV Ordnantodon

X. Cytilinsk

22 July 2019 at 11:56:53 MDT

Render tests for a long range transport from Lejendairida:

The Ordnantodon and its sister vessels of Lejendairidan construction were vital to early negotiations with the Ueptael and for the establishment of many crucial research colonies. Later on the Ordnantodon would play a role in diplomacy during the events of "Path of Limbdisk."

The Ordnantodon is designed primarily for the transport of mission-critical personnel and equipment. It's only defense in combat is an array of four EMP emitters and is reliant on an escort fleet for protection. It has been optimized in the past for clandestine missions. Its engine architecture differs greatly from other large Lejendairidan vessels such as the Aura of Zylinsk and similar craft. Instead of a centralized exotic-matter tribunal it has four separate such devices arranged in a "wing" configuration. These structures can be folded for "silent" transport or be deployed for higher speed and maneuverability. It is named after the largest land animal on Lejendairida.

ID: LHV Ordnantodon
Make: Technology Institute of Tha-Garr
Type: Diplomatic vessel, long-range heavy transport
Scale: 810 meters in length
Crew (Minimum): 4 Pilots, 10 engineering staff, 20 security staff
Operating system: Class III Fractal Field Core (For large fleet management)
Armament: X4 Medium-yield Defensive EMP Emitters

Modeled and rendered with Blender, image editing with GIMP